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Trusted Plumbing Services
Throughout the NC Triad 


There really is no job too small or too large. The smallest leak can create a huge problem that may go undetected until the damage is done. We take care of all plumbing issues.



A clogged  drain is one of the most common plumbing problem. Clogged drains can cause sewers to back flow and create a troublesome situation that may damage property.



Everything needs maintenance at sometime or another and plumbing is no different. Regular maintenance can help avoid costly repairs.



All Plumbing Services 

Whether you need bathroom and kitchen renovations for your residential property or plumbing services for your commercial ventures, we can help. Our professional plumbers have been working across the Triad for more than two decades providing quality service. Available 24/7 we furnish emergency services whenever needed and make sure that every plumbing problem is resolved quickly and expertly.


Sunder installed the plumbing for my kitchen and did a great job. He was honest, knowledgeable and didn’t cut any corners. Not only did he make sure the plumbing was done to code, but he put in the extra work to make sure he neatly cut as little drywall as needed.  When he was finished, all the new plumbing was nicely concealed and everything worked perfectly. It has been 4 years now and I’ve had no problems at all!  Can't recommend him enough!

Dhanraj, Greensboro

Plumbing Services of the Triad have been my plumbers for over ten years. Their guys are great problem solvers, because with my old house I have constant issues. They always come when they say they will and get things working again.

Dianne, Greensboro

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