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Clear | Replace | Install New 

Does your garbage disposal keep getting stuck? Is it making a humming sound when it runs? Or has it stopped working completely? What you’re facing is a classic problem that many people other than you have faced. Yes, garbage disposals make life so much easier, but they can also be a real pain if they malfunction. From clogging to power failure, several things could contribute to problems with your garbage disposal.

The trick to dealing with garbage disposal problems is to get them checked, repaired, and replaced if needed as soon as possible. Delays mean the problem will just keep getting bigger and you’ll end up with a pretty kettle of fish on your hands. If you suspect your garbage disposal might need a repair job but aren’t quite sure, look for: unusual noises, leaks, and power problems in the circuit breaker.

Garbage disposals are probably the most problematic household equipment used in the plumbing systems. They are misunderstood and commonly misused.  If you are having issues, we can replace, install or clear your garbage disposal and at the same time, help you understand the limitations of this common kitchen equipment so yours will last many years.

If you need garbage disposal repair and replacement services, ours are offered throughout The Triad. Get in touch with us today!


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